So you can take advantage of your lunch hour

The time he has at noon is to breathe and think about something other than work, not to do the tasks he missed in the week and eat a sandwich in front of the computer. Forbes He pulled out a list of things he needs to do on his lunch break to become a much more productive worker. Follow them and take your time to relax.


The first thing to do when your lunch break begins is to take a deep breath, calm down, and unplug from all your worries. Enjoy that moment, so when you get back to the office you’ll be clearer and ready to work.

get out of the office

Change the environment, get some fresh air, take a short walk and let your mind go to other things. The dining space should be different from your workplace, in order to avoid thinking about all the tasks that you have pending.

I did not work

Don’t even think about skipping your lunch hour to catch up on work. That you can’t think on an empty stomach is true. Moreover, he will arrive at 4:00 pm and will realize that the headache he has from not having eaten will not allow him to concentrate.

Do ‘laps’

You can also spend this time doing what you can’t in the morning or at night. Of course, take your time to eat something because if you don’t, you will arrive at work tired and you will perform less than you would like.

see new faces

Most of those who work go out to lunch with their office colleagues, which is fine, but try to use that time to see friends you haven’t seen in a while and with whom the schedules never coincide.

Don’t set a routine

Don’t go to the same places or eat the same things. If he does, he may associate places and dishes with his work. Change restaurants from time to time.
Perhaps if you follow these tips, you can enjoy some free time that allows you to recharge to be more productive.

Source: Metro