Snake tattoos: amazing ideas to wear on your skin

if you are looking for snake tattoos to wear on your skin, but you also want them to have a great meaning here we give you some ideas.

The snake over the years has been important thanks to its deep symbolic load. For this reason, many people seek to wear a tattoo on their skin where the only protagonist is this animal.

Snake tattoo meaning

The snake is a tattoo with different meanings, it can represent the duality represented by other elements such as the moon and the sun, water and fire or even the same man and woman. It is always related to the search for the balance that can be presented between two opposite concepts. However, it depends on the style of the snake for its many meanings and symbolism.

Tattoo of a snake changing its skin

When an animal like a snake sheds its skin, it is a question of brandishing a younger one. That is why if you want to wear the drawing of a snake that is shedding its skin on your skin, this represents a healing power, has a meaning of rejuvenation and can come to symbolize eternity.

Feathered Serpent Tattoo

The feathered serpent tattoo design belongs to the ancient times of the Aztecs. That is why it represents a special meaning related to power, nobility, balance but above all cunning.

Two intertwined snakes tattoo

If you want to wear a tattoo of two of these animals whose bodies are intertwined, you will be transmitting a message of connection, union with divine power and that is why it also represents eternity.

Coiled snake tattoo

These tattoos are related to sexual energy and fertility, that’s why it was believed that in ancient times it was women who got this kind of tattoos. Since it gave them a special power to bring beings and obtain new powers from the world.

Colored snake tattoo

If you like these animals and want to wear one on your skin, you can opt for tattoos with bright colors that will undoubtedly look beautiful.

If you have already decided which snake tattoo you are going to wear on your skin, keep these tips in mind… Tattoo care, so that nothing goes wrong! Here one click on Vibra.