Singers and actresses in underwear who left us plop!

With these hot photos we were surprised by some famous singers, social media celebrities and actresses in underwear.

They have fame and beauty, and they know how to use these qualities to their advantage to gain more followers and feed back the eternal cycle of popularity – fortune – popularity.

That is why they are shown in smaller cloths or «filtered» on networks and the internet images where they leave very little to the imagination. They are very clear that what is not shown, is not for sale.

Top 10 singers, celebrities, models and actresses in underwear

Every girl knows that few things are more sensual than underwear; good lingerie can be even more suggestive than nudity complete.

For the sample 10 buttons…

10. Yina Calderon

With a blue lace cheeky, this celebrity of the networks left nothing to the imagination…

9. Marbella

Marbelle kind of likes to wear dental floss…

8. The next of the singers and actresses in underwear is Shakira

She appears in a delicate two-piece set of white lace…

7. Paulina Vega

Showing off all her beauty in a classic white cotton outfit…

6. Natalia Paris

Being Natalia Paris…

5. Daniela Ospina

Quite a lady with a black set, simple and elegant…

4. Cristina Hurtado

She doesn’t miss an opportunity to model her own lingerie line.

3. Carolina Cruz

He also bets on the cachetero…

2. Greeicy Rendon

Transparencies and acid colors are their thing, even in cuckoos!

1. The number one actress in underwear is… Jéssica Cediel

This celebrity prefers the sporty style, making her look surprisingly sexy. That’s why she ranks number one.

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