Sin Bandera teaches us «Not in this one»

The wait is over, No flag, finally! premiere their new single so they are very happy, because they plan to impact all their followers with this new single.

This is the topic titled “Not in this one” which is placed in the first single to promote and with which they also intend to accompany their tour «One last time».

Through your official account Twitterthis talented duet, expressed their happiness for their new single, so they want their fans to like it a lot, they also mentioned that their new material is already available.

With you the cover of #One last time

– Without Flag (@sinflag) January 18, 2016

“En esta no” is a ballad full of a lot of feeling, because on this occasion ‘Without flag’ stimulates the memory of a lost love, with the feeling that characterizes them and with their distinguished voices.

For the moment, we leave you his new single “Not in this one” as a little taste of what you can enjoy in your next Sin Bandera EP.

Taken from AztecaTrends