Simple salad recipes, to make in two by three!

If you are eating healthy, you are easy salad recipes They are perfect for you because you don’t take long to prepare them and their flavors are exquisite.

A good salad will always be ideal to accompany a good dish, so here we present some suggestions that you will surely love. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing them and you can take advantage of the ingredients you have at home.

Simple salad recipes: Vegetables

If you like vegetable salad recipes, here we give you some exquisite ideas that you will surely enjoy in your day to day life.

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lettuce salad recipes

There are recipes for lettuce salads that, although they seem to be very basic at first, can have a lot of flavor and will be able to surprise any palate at the table.

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Chicken salad

A good chicken salad is a recipe that can be delicious for your guests and most importantly, it will be super nutritious!

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Colombian Salad Recipes

There are recipes for Colombian salads that are a custom in homes. Although everyone adds their own touch of flavor, these preparations are still part of the national culture.

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Tabbouleh is a recipe typical of the Middle East, which is highly appreciated by the Arabs because it represents their gastronomic culture and is usually the best option to eat in times of extreme heat.

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