Silvia Corzo, former presenter of Caracol Television, tells why she left TV

Silvia Corzo, former presenter of Caracol Televisionrevealed the physical and emotional reasons that led her to withdraw from public life and focus on having a more spiritual life.

There is no doubt that Corzo is one of the most recognized and remembered faces on national television. Thanks to her talent and charisma, she managed to climb in the journalistic environment and become a presenter of important spaces on the small screen such as Caracol News, Seventh Day Y Our house of RCN.

To the surprise of many, the one born in Bucaramanga stopped appearing on television from one moment to another. At some point, Silvia Corzo got tired of the rumors about Diana Mina, her partner in the RCN magazine Our house with whom he was thought to have a bad relationship. What few knew is that the Santanderean was having some physical and mental health problems that led her to stay away from her work on television for a while.

Silvia Corzo, former presenter of Caracol Television, tells why she left TV

A few days ago, Silvia reappeared in an interview for the program The net. There, she told some of the reasons that led her to make the decision to move away from the screens for a while. In the middle of her talk, she commented that it was her three illnesses that attacked her and that is why she decided to take a break. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia (chronic muscle pain) and anxiety attacks, a feeling of despair and excessive fear, appeared in her life.

The presenter commented that she feared for her life and preferred to change her lifestyle to preserve her health. From that moment, she began to educate herself to be a life coach and help others through conferences and support sessions.

Also, Silvia developed her facet as a writer and presented her book entitled The game. In it, he tells unknown details about the changes he has experienced throughout his life and his personal and personal transformation process.

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