Silvestre Dangond’s son got his dad’s swing

Parents are the first example of their children and it seems that Silvestre Dangond’s son follows the singer’s example very closely.

Silvestre published a video on his social networks to celebrate José Silvestre’s birthday the youngest of his three children.

In the video it appears little José dancing inside his father’s plane to the rhythm of the song ‘Bad Play’ that is included in his recent album “Las locos mías”.

This is the video of Silvestre Dangond’s son

Happy day my pechiche!! @ josesilvestre0422 What a gift God gave me on April 22, 2012 🥳🌞🎊🎉🎁🎈

To the followers of Sylvester they found it very funny to see their son José dancing in the same way his father does In the concerts.

Several times we have talked about the children of celebrities They are very similar to their parents, but it is difficult to see them imitating their movements or speech.

Just as the son of Silvestre Dangond imitates him in his movements, tell us how do you think your children are like you.