Signs that your relationship fell into monotony

Do you feel that monotony is invading your relationship but you don’t know for sure? Check these signs and get out of doubt…

Rocío Durcal used to say it wisely: “habit is stronger than love”, and that is when you get used to the same body, to a routine, to fights, to the same old thing, monotony arrives and with it boredom. and boredom… Do you feel identified or are you not sure? There are certain signs that tell you if your relationship has fallen into monotonyhow are you…

They don’t argue anymore because what’s the use if it’s no use: At first, it might be thought that not arguing is fine, but the lack of dialogue in which opposing points of view are contrasted is something that impoverishes relationships. A good, slightly racy conversation on topics of mutual interest breaks the monotony.

They have the same sequence of positions in bed: If they haven’t tried a new sexual position for years, sacredly repeating the same sequence exactly and to the millimeter, nothing to do, the monotony is between the sheets!

In addition, they have sex according to calendar: If they already know that they have to take a good bath over there because it’s Friday, the day to make love, it’s the worst sign of sexual monotony.

They ran out of topic: That your conversations revolve only around children, money and domestic matters, such as the bathroom that has smelled bad for more than 3 months, is an unequivocal sign that monotony has come to your life as a couple.

They have been neglected: If one of the members of the couple or both stopped taking care of themselves, they no longer comb their hair, shave, or tone their bodies and they don’t care because they know that their lover will accept them as they are, batteries! It is a clear sign that they are too comfortable with monotony.

There is a fixed fight if the day they have pizza they eat hamburger: This could be by far the worst sign that the couple fell into a rut, fighting because the address calendar was violated? Nope! Shut down and let’s go!

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