Side Effects of Heat (Complete Guide)

Women know it: Hormones go haywire during menstruation. They have more or less no influence on that.

Just like women, when bitches are in heat, they face some side effects. This symptoms can sometimes be more or less pronounced.

In this guide you will find out which side effects can occur during heat and how you can actively support your dog in this process.

Possible side effects & symptoms during heat

Various symptoms can occur during heat. Not all of these side effects need to occur. Some bitches show a lot strong side effectswhile others show little change.

marking behavior

In the first phase of heat, bitches begin to mark more often. They show a similar behavior to males. With this they show the males that they are ready to mate in the near future.

Swollen vagina

At the beginning of heat, the bitch’s vagina swells. Sometimes it also has a reddish tint.


Bleeding occurs during estrus. Bleeding is relatively minor and usually shows up as droplets on the floor. Many dog ​​owners resort to trousers for the bitch in heat.


Young bitches in particular can be “bitchy” towards willing males during the first heat.

Since males can react very penetratively to bitches in heat, the bitch growls at them and can even become biting. This behavior occurs more frequently during the pre-rut.

The bitches snap at the males to shut them chase away. They feel insecure and don’t know how to behave.


Some bitches have an increased need for closeness during heat. They are suddenly more affectionate and take every opportunity to cuddle.

sluggishness or hyperactivity

While some bitches tend to be sluggish during heat and are generally calmer during heat, other bitches turn up the heat.

They are playful and find no rest. Every bitch reacts differently to the hormonal change.


During heat, the bleeding stops and the discharge becomes watery or slimy and yellowish in color. This is the sign that the bitch is fertile and ready for mating.

Little obedience

Due to the increased hormones, some bitches are a bit upset and forget their manners. Suddenly they no longer listen to commands and can no longer be called up.

It is important that you keep the possible side effects in mind during the heat and that you meet them with a lot of understanding.

Good to know

Some bitches have a normal menstrual cycle but do not show any symptoms of heat. It is the so-called silent heat. Particular caution is required here, as the bitches can still become pregnant.

As a rule, the silent heat is not dangerous. However, in order to be able to completely rule out any diseases, the bitch should be given one vet to be examined.

Health problems during heat

In some bitches during heat health problems appear. Young bitches who are in heat for the first time suffer more from it.

vomiting & diarrhea

For example, during the first heat Diarrhea and vomit come. This is due to altered hormone levels and increased stress levels.

During heat she is often with me Cleaning and licking the genitals busy, which can cause nausea and irritation of the stomach, leading to vomiting.

Morning Vomiting will probably only occur in the first few days of heat. The dog’s body needs time to adjust to the heat.

bland foods and teas, such as B. raspberry leaf tea soothe the stomach and can help.

After the heat subsides, the side effects will also disappear.

If your dog suddenly gets a fever and is knocked off, a uterine inflammation behind it. In this case, it should definitely be examined by a veterinarian.

Home remedies: How can I help my dog ​​when she is in heat?

To make heat easier for your bitch, you can raspberry leaf tea prepare. The tea is said to have a regulating effect on hormone levels. At the same time, it can protect against uterine infections.

Another good remedy during heat is chaste tree. This also has an effect regulating on the hormones. It has a particularly positive effect on false pregnancy.

Will he chaste tree administered regularly, the risk of false pregnancy is reduced.

phases of heat

The heat runs in four phases. Each of these four phases is complete different symptoms marked.

Pre-estrus or proestrus: This phase lasts around 3 to 17 days. During this time, the bitch’s body adjusts and it comes to bleeding. However, she is not yet fertile and shows no interest in the males.

Heat or estrus: This phase is the actual mating season. It lasts for around 9 days. The heat is also referred to as standing days or standing heat.

During the phase it comes to ovulation. Unlike humans, dogs have multiple ovulations.

After-rut or metoestrus: The after-rut lasts between 9 and 12 weeks. During this time the bitch is still interesting for males, but she shows little interest.

In many bitches it comes from the still increased progesterone levels to a false pregnancy – regardless of whether the bitch is really pregnant or not.

In this course, many dog ​​owners observe an increased protective instinct. If the bitch whines during heat, you are often in a false pregnancy.

Resting phase or anaestrus: During this time the bitches are in a normal state. This means they show no signs of heat.

A change of character after heat is that the bitch again «normal» becomes. The phase usually lasts between a few weeks and months.


The heat for bitches is always with a lot of excitement and big hormone fluctuations connected during the different phases of heat.

In addition to the bleeding, a whole series of side effects. The symptoms are not only physical, but also psychological.

However, with the help of a few small remedies such as chaste tree or raspberry leaves, the symptoms can be alleviated alleviated become.

What symptoms does your dog show during her heat? Tell us in the comments!