Showbiz scandals that left more than one with their mouths open

Famous Colombians have always given something to talk about, but there were four celebrity scandals that at the time left more than one with their mouths open.

It is no secret to anyone that being famous leads people to have a much more exposed life in front of the gaze of several people. Of course, these characters from the Creole show business were not the exception and that is why they gave something to talk about, so much so that today the moments they lived are still commented on.

The suspicious death in which Diomodes Díaz was involved

The cacique was involved in a complicated situation, when in 1997 Doris Adriana Niño died in strange circumstances in Bogotá. Apparently the young woman spent a night of intimacy with the singer and another friend of hers, but she never returned to her house. However, Rodrígo Niño, her brother, began a desperate search until he found her buried and when exhuming the body they found traces of cocaine along with a small piece of paper in Doris Adriana’s pocket with the address of Diomedes’ apartment north of Bogotá where she was last seen alive. What served as evidence to the authorities to put the singer in prison for six months, who later negotiated house for jail.

Miguel Varoni’s love triangle

If there was something to talk about in the 90’s, it was precisely the love triangle starring Miguel Varoni, Patricia Ércole and Aura Cristina Geithner. At that time, the actor was married to Patricia but he began to go out with Aura Cristina in secret and the media of that time persecuted them until they found them in quite compromising situations in Cancun, Mexico. Patricia immediately became the victim of this situation and Aura Cristina the villain, which is why they say it was difficult for his career to continue to rise in Colombia. The scandal ended in the soap opera that both starred in skyrocketing its rating, but the love ended and years later Miguel met Catherine Siachoque, whom he did marry.

Married and pregnant beauty queen

The National Beauty Reign used to be one of the most important events in Colombia, the personalities of the country met and in their homes all Colombians made force of their queen. However, in 1993 there was a scandal when the candidate for Amazonas participated pregnant and married, two of the prohibitions of her reign. It was about Catherine Sánchez, who was also one of her favorites and although she made an effort to deny the facts, in the end the press released her marriage certificate. So a few days after the coronation night, she walked out the back door of the hotel kitchen and boarded a private plane.

The fatal accident of Carolina Sabino

Carolina Sabino was involved in one of the most difficult moments of her life when on September 27, 1998, due to being intoxicated, she crashed with a man’s car in the seventh race with 77th Street, leaving him almost disabled. Of course, her eyes were on the actress and singer because the man’s family said that her indifferent and insensitive attitude towards the damage caused could not be allowed.

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