Show off your shoulders wearing a comfortable strapless bra

In this New Year’s Eve, surely you want to look beautiful in a dress that reveals your shoulders, your back and with a great neckline, because this article is for you.

Since women were subjected to suffocating corsets, many years have passed, even centuries and today the phrase: “To be beautiful you have to suffer” has ceased to be our toughest slogan.

The lingerie sector offers us all kinds of underwear models, to be comfortable and feel beautiful, while taking care of our chest, the main objective, let’s not forget.

One of the additions that we women appreciate the most was the strapless bra, suitable for all of us, but depending on the physiognomy of each one, one or the other model will be more appropriate, so it is very important that when you go to use them or to acquire One, please note the following details:

1- The bra band should be tighter than the usual bras so that the lack of support provided by the straps is compensated in this way, without it becoming uncomfortable.

2- The broadband ones are the most suitable for people with a higher volumealthough they are the most recommended, since they prevent the bra from sticking below the chest, since they act as if it were a girdle in that area.

3- When you buy a strapless bra, It must be avoided that the profile of the cup in the upper part is marked through the clothing that is used. This may be because the fabric is too thick or the size is wrong. Therefore, those who soften their shape with a lace or lace trim avoid this effect.

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4- Do not moisturize your skin in the area around the bra, as it will slide easily and the bra will lose support.

5- Although showing part of the underwear, has become common not very elegant and in addition, you will divert attention from your wardrobe; so it is advisable to try it with the indicated garment before purchasing it.

6- The models with a heart shape in the centerreposition the breast in its natural position, enhancing it and providing more naturalness to the forms.

7- Make sure where you make your purchase, that they are professionals and that they have staff to adapt the bra, bodysuit or bodice if necessary, both to suit you and to the model with which you want to wear it.

Both in strapless bras, as in bodices or bodies, there is a wide variety of models made of different materials: foam, lycra, lace or, the latest on the market, 100% silicone.

They are the Fashion Forms. These have very low-cut cups and are designed to give a feeling of invisibility, as if it were a second skin. They can be worn with or without sides, since they are adhesive, but they have a drawback, they cannot be worn more than 4- 6 hours straight.

In adhesive silicone we can also opt for the Sexy Bra, much cheaper, since it is around 15 euros. We like the SBra, adhesives because they come in various colors. The S Bra Bodysuit is very flattering and the back design is suitable for very low back dresses.

Women Lingerie did not want to be less and with Eve’s Bra it integrates another adhesive option into the range of possibilities.

An alternative that we must not forget, are the corpiños and bodysuits or full body lingerie, a very flattering classic, because its design will define the shape of the waist and avoid creases in it. As with bras, you can find a wide variety of models, with different types of necklines and backs that will adapt to any dress and occasion.

And of course, let’s not forget those moments when we all want to feel «very special» and garments with much more design, imagination, and very sexy come into play.

Finally, with garments that do not require a special garment, only suitable for breasts with little volume, we have the bandeau, much more comfortable and lighter, and, if they are your favorite, you can find them in multiple materials and colors.

Whichever model you choose, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it, since there is nothing more uncomfortable and inelegant than constantly adjusting the garment, because the fabric «itches» you, it squeezes you or simply because , because you fall.

Taken from Enfeminine