Short haircuts for boys and girls, they are so cute!

There are many short haircuts in boys and girls that make them look precious and also, they will give them that chic touch to be very fashionable.

Fashion trends dictate that now both girls and boys can wear short hair and they will look great. In fact, stylists encourage parents to change the look of the little ones and in this way they look fresher, out of the ordinary and learn that their appearance is the least important thing, breaking the stereotypes that have been created around how the little ones should show off.

If you want to see images of haircuts that are trending in the world or you want to know the best looks for the little ones at home, then we show you these options that you could take into account for your next visit to the stylist:

Short haircuts for girls

Some trends show that bob and pixie cuts are also very successful for girls to wear. It is important that if you give those styles a lot of volume and asymmetrical order so that they look incredible. Check out these options:

Ear length from half side

This is quite an innovative style as it can include layers in different lengths and you can add top bangs that make it look a bit messy. If you want to add a little more personality, a hair color in very small faded rays would suit you very well:

Pixie with fade

This cut with thin strands, slicked down on one side and faded on the other, looks really amazing. It doesn’t matter if your daughter has straight or wavy hair, she will look very fresh and unconventional:

neck length

For those girls who are perhaps not so extreme and prefer somewhat more conservative looks, a hair length to the neck or shoulders would be ideal. This style looks great with completely even hair and symmetrical ends. A good innovation could be to include shorter bangs that can be combed to the front or to the side:

haircuts for children

The trends in haircuts for boys are also very crazy and are designed to give them a lot of comfort and make them look carefree. Asymmetrical cuts are imposed, with side fades and even with some designs. You might like these looks:

side part

An all-time classic is the mid-length crop top cut to be styled to the side. This look looks much better with a bold stroke and a bit of a fade on the sides to give the super part a fuller look:

french textured

This rather cool style is ideal if your child has an unusual personality. The cut includes strands of fringe in different areas of the hair that can be worn with a messy hairstyle but will look very glamorous:

curly top

If your child has slightly wavy or straight hair, a medium texture can be a very successful look. This cut has the advantage that you can easily style it and its maintenance should not be done very often, except for the side fade, but the idea is that on the top it looks high and somewhat messy:

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