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Even if the public is now very critical of fashion with real fur, fur is still available in many shops. Instead of the classic fur coat, however, it is now mainly used as a fashionable trimming on collars, hoods, lapels, shoes and hats or is sold as an accessory such as a scarf or key ring. It is difficult for the buyer to tell whether it is real fur or faux fur. Real fur is often sheared, dyed or offered as a material mix and unfortunately often not declared.

How to Identify Fur Free Retailer Program Certified Merchandise:

We’ll help you find guaranteed fur-free fashion. supports the international Fur Free Retailer Program. This marks retailers who have made a written commitment to not using fur – and thus helps to find guaranteed fur-free fashion. If you want to be absolutely sure that you don’t accidentally buy real fur, you can find a list of all fashion brands that have already taken a clear stance against fur in their collections on the Fur Free Retailer program: