Shocking photo of Jessi Uribe before being famous

Jessi Uribe before he was famous, or more famous for My name islooked very different from what is seen today on television.

My name is is one of the most watched programs on Colombian television, that’s why it shot itself the fame that Jessi had for her artistic work.

That is why now anything you do or don’t do becomes the talk of the media and social networks. That precisely happened with a full body photo and almost without clothes.

What did Jessi Uribe look like before he was famous?

Recently, the jury of My name is He shared a TBT on his Instagram account that left his followers open-mouthed, because it looked completely different.

Take a look at it before and after…

“Always chubby Never chubby”

Wrote alongside TBT

Look at the comments left for him. Some very past, criticizing him for his body, others saying that he seemed like someone different.


Patricia Light…

If I didn’t put Zoooom on the photo I would have said it wasn’t you




Uy mk the same geta del charro


And it is no secret to anyone that this popular music singer has undergone an extreme makeover, losing several kilos in the last few months. Some say it is the tusa.

How do you think it looks better? Fat or skinny? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks! Your friends will love to see it.

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