She is the model daughter of Sylvester Stallone

We have already seen spectacular women who turn out to be the daughters of singers and actors that no one imagined and this time the woman who surprises us today is the daughter of the famous Hollywood actor.

Sistine Stallone He knows that he has everything to succeed: a world-famous surname and a natural beauty that dazzles with every step he takes. That is why she decided – through maternal and paternal advice – to venture into the world of fashion. And he has everything to stand out.

The best promotion of the little model came from her father Sylvester Stallone, the Hollywood megastar, who last Sunday uploaded a photo to his Instagram account with his daughter like a true proud father. “Me with my daughter Sistine who wants to be a real model. I think you can do it.»

Sistine looks brilliant in the photo alongside “Rocky”. And above all, it shows his long legs in a suggestive photograph, where the 68-year-old veteran actor is seen as an absolutely proud father. At the beginning of the year, the promise of the catwalks said that he was ready to face his vocation.

“I have to be careful with the things I do. I am old enough. If I want to be in front of the cameras, I will be; If not, I’ll be on the other side.»said the young woman in dialogue with Teen Vogue magazine. In that same interview, Sistine ruled out the possibility of following in her father’s footsteps: «I’m a horrible actress!» She acknowledged and added: “I hate to see myself talking to the camera. I look ridiculous”.

It only remains to know when his first parade or photo session will be. The talent would seem to have it.

Taken from Infobae