She hates photos and he is a photographer, what a dilemma!

For none of us it is no secret that we hate photos, especially if we are not prevented when we are portrayed, the lack of makeup and disposition does not make us feel safe, know this case.

to the photographer Mikaël Theimer He loves taking photos of his girlfriend, Marion, but she doesn’t like posing in front of the camera at all.

“Marion and I have been together for six and a half years. We met in Montreal (Canada), where we live, although we were both born in France”, she told our colleagues from the edition of HuffPost UK. “I always carry the camera with me and, since I am usually with it, I use it as a model very often.”

“She hates posing and being in front of the lens… Since she is such a mischievous person, this has become a game between the two of them,” he explained.

“Whenever I see a stage that I would like her to appear on, she has to find a way to cover her face. I find the results more interesting than traditional portraits.”

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Below you can see some of his photographs and visit his website and Facebook profile to see more of his works.

Taken from The Huffington Post