She asked him to marry him and he rejected her (Video)

This girl wanted to be original and break with traditions as she was the one who asked her partner to marry her, only she did not expect his reaction, since it seems that the man was not in love with her enough to say «YES» and so on. treated her.

A wedding couple starred in an embarrassing episode in the middle of a street in Santiago de Chile. The scene was recorded and posted on Facebook, where it went viral.

The video shows how a woman, sitting on the floor, insistently asks her partner to marry her. The man, a little embarrassed by the situation, tells her to stand up and stop making a show.

«Now love, stand up from there please» says the subject. But she ignores it. Instead she starts screaming “I love you, I chose you, I want to be with you, marry me. Will you marry me?».

Faced with the boy’s clear sign of disinterest, the girl demands a more forceful response. «Tell me pretty», demands.

As seen on Facebook, in the end the girl was abandoned and a young woman appeared to comfort her.

Taken from TeleFeNoticias