Shaved armpits: Aesthetics or hygiene?

Do you think that women shave our armpits for aesthetics or hygiene? The answer will surprise you…

Armpit hairs are a very delicate issue, which moves internal fibers in people. Every time photos of celebrities appear that carelessly or intentionally revealing their armpit hair, there are all kinds of criticisms, ranging from aesthetic arguments to hygienic ones. In the past, many celebrities have been harshly questioned for such flippancy, from Madonna to Julia Roberts.

The trend has returned. Actress Rosie Assoulin and singer Miley Cyrus are 2 young artists who have recently been photographed with their hairy armpits. Faced with this new wave of celebrities who have no problem showing off their armpit hair, we wonder,Why do we women have to shave our armpits? and not men? If it’s for hygiene, are they pigs? We know that some men shave, but the majority don’t and they don’t have any medical problems… What happens?

Underarm hair removal was not always what it is today. At the beginning of the last century, waxing was not a general custom; It just so happened that in the 1920s, women began to wear sleeveless clothing, so razor blade manufacturers immediately saw a niche market… The women had no beards, but they did have armpits!

Since then, body hair has been associated with being masculine and femininity with being hairless. In fact, women who decide not to shave have to put up with a lot of social pressure. Breanne Fahs, a professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Arizona State University, USA, suggested that her students stop shaving for 10 weeks and submit a paper explaining her experience. The students reported that they had received derogatory comments from relatives and their partners.

But is it really unhygienic to have hair where nature makes it grow? Although it is true that in the armpits, along with the genitals, it is where we humans have the most bacteria, There are no studies indicating that the absence or presence of hair makes a difference; the important thing is to be clean, whether or not we have hair.

It would seem, then, that whether or not to shave your armpits has more to do with culture than with hygiene. What do you think? Do you think having armpit hair is unhygienic or just unsightly? Tell us your opinion in the comments of social networks after sharing this note.