Shape your calves at home (Tutorial)

Learn these easy movements for calves and exercise them without leaving your house.

We do aerobics to lose weight, abdominals to reduce the belly and we lift dumbbells to tone the arms, but,how we shape our calves?

The calves, or calves, are complicated muscles, because they can be very small and difficult to gain weight or very large and difficult to tone up; There are even people who want to throw in the towel and put in silicone implants, just as if they were breasts or buttocks. But fortunately you are not one of those who is sent to throw a knife and prefer to have everything in a more natural way.

Does cardio training shape calves? Of course exercises like running or practices like dance help, but If you are not used to doing that kind of thing, we discovered a routine that will serve you. The only thing you need is to have comfortable clothes, a good pair of sneakers, a wall and a lot of desire.

You can do these exercises to shape your calves at home or in the park, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that you will only see results with perseverance, it is useless to do them just one day. So… put your legs to work!

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