Shannon de Lima went with her ex to a Marc Anthony concert

Coincidence, chance, revenge? Apparently each one had their vacation plan separately and while Marc sang with Gente de Zona, she danced in the audience with her ex Manuel Sosa.

Both were spending a mini vacation, but separately and together. Iglesias invited him to his concert People of the Zone and Marc… Among the public was nothing more and nothing less than Shannon accompanied by her ex-husband and father of her son, the model Manuel ‘Coco’ Sosa.

What did Shannon do when Marc came up to sing? Nothing, she began to dance with her ex in the most sensual and romantic way just meters from him.


That was not all, because some media captured Anthony in the public accompanied by a beautiful young woman whom he hugged all the time. Although precise information about the new salsero girl is not yet known, it was confirmed that she accompanied him throughout his stay.

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The next meeting of Shannon and Marc It will be next week in court in Miami but for their divorce, there we doubt they will feel like dancing ‘The Joy’.

Taken from The NY Journal