Shakira’s most drastic look changes

Shakira He is not afraid of changes in look and he has shown it throughout his artistic career, these have been the most drastic.

The Colombian singer knows very well how to attract the attention of her millions of followers with her sensual hips. However, over the years Shakira has also drawn attention to her constant image changes, which is why she has had quite iconic looks that she has experienced over time.

Shakira and her drastic changes of look over time

Shakira began her career with her characteristic straight, long, black hair with which she became known in the world of music. Later in 1996 she took the opportunity to paint her hair red which was her emblem look from her ‘Unplugged’ disco.

However, a few months later, the Colombian returned to make a change of look and that is why she decided to dye her hair blonde, exposing the roots in their natural tone. But in the year 2000 she wanted to change it to a natural brown and leave her curls natural, which made her look quite sensual.

Shakira surprised her followers by returning to blonde, but this time she left her hair quite short. Something that did not last long since some time later she began to wear her hair very long and straight in almost all her presentations and red carpets.

In 2020, the singer triumphed by appearing at the Super Bowl halftime show with JLo, there she showed off her brown tone again. A few months later, she went back in time to reveal her red hair and finally chose to keep it light brown.

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