Shakira’s beauty transformation

Shakira is a topic that is talked about a lot, the rumors about her sentimental life are recurrent, but lately we have wanted to talk about something else and that is its beauty.

Many media outlets claim that she underwent innumerable plastic surgeries since in her beginnings as a singer she did not look as sensual as she does now, but what is certain is that Shakira has one of the best bodies in the world of entertainment and That is why we are going to present you the transformation that the Barranquilla has had throughout her musical career.

The Colombian began her career in 1990, sporting black hair, bushy eyebrows, a round face and above all a few extra kilos, which she lost as she achieved fame.

Another change came later in 2001 when she decided to go blonde and leave aside her black hair, in addition to that her figure improved and she was left with a very slim body and cute, obviously.

This obviously alerted the media where they pointed out that the singer had undergone various plastic surgeries, information that resurfaced in 2017. And it is that according to Caracol Radio, the Fernández Blanco Clinic uncovered the alleged surgical procedures to which the composer underwent.

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Information from the portal The stars.