Shakira clarifies why she doesn’t want to marry Piqué

After more than a decade together and with two children on board, Shakira clarifies why she doesn’t want to get married with the father of her children, Gerard Piqué.

For many women, one of the most desired dreams is to see themselves dressed in white to go to the altar, but things are now changing and there are more and more who prefer singleness or those who decide to form a family staying in a free union.

That is the case of our dear Shakira, who despite having been with her partner and father of her children for 12 years, the Spaniard Gerard Piqué, not only has not married him, but also made it clear in an interview that marriage is not his thing.

He has his reasons! Shakira clarifies why she doesn’t want to get married

Although on several occasions there has been speculation about an alleged commitment of the singer to the footballer and even the news of her imminent marriage has been given, the truth is that they are still together but not scrambled. And they have been like this for so long, that we can already classify them as one of the celebrity couples with “Bombril” courtships, that is, they duuuuuuuran.

Why doesn’t Shakira marry Piqué?

According to the Colombian singer, marriage is not a requirement for loveOn the contrary, she is afraid that when she gets married, the flame of passion in her relationship with the Barcelona captain will go out, because she believes that the secret of the happiness of their relationship has been to remain in an eternal courtship.

And it is that the barranquillera confessed in an interview with the magazine People in spanish The reasons why you don’t get married.

“Marriage scares me. I don’t want her to see me as his wife, but rather as his girlfriend. It’s like that forbidden fruit, I prefer to keep her attentive and think that everything is possible depending on her behavior «

Shakira said to the aforementioned medium.

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