Shakira, Beyoncé and more… Cute or black-haired?

How do you prefer stars like Shakira, Beyoncé and Sofía Vergara? Check out their cute brunette photos and vote for how they look best.

They say that blond rejuvenates and that black hair thins, but the truth is that almost all the stars of today change their hair color and very few leave it natural, either for work or vanity reasons. Also They say that brunettes look better blonde, while whites look good with any color, is it true?

And if the saying that ‘men prefer blondes’ is also true, How do we women prefer them? And not because we are attracted to our peers, but because our aesthetic sense cannot be turned off in front of them, because we always have something to say about their beauty or ugliness.

Here are photos of various Hollywood artists, from Beyonce to Shakira, for you to compare how cute vs. dark-haired look, and vote for which hair color suits them best.