Shakira and Piqué fight for the same thing as most couples

The same woman from Barranquilla commented on it during an interview for ‘Planet Weird with Holly H.’ Y the reason why Shakira and Piqué fight is more common than you imagine.

Many of us might think that celebrity couples who have been together for so long are perfecthowever it is not so.

Shakira commented that something that bothers the Barcelona Fútbol Club defender a lot is having to wait for her when she is late.

It is not a secret that their professions are very different and dealing with time is very complex for the singer because she has to manage the schedules of Colombia, the United States and Spain For his job.

Shakira and Piqué fight for time

The times we really fight it’s because I’m late and he waits up for me…”

Shakira on the reason for her fights with Gerard Piqué.

Shak is also aware that because of his work has sometimes lost track of time, because it does not differentiate when it is the weekend to share with your family.

Definitely the same thing happens to them as to many of us, they want to spend more time together but can’t.

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