Shakira and Osvaldo Ríos: Why they ended their controversial relationship

Shakira and Osvaldo Ríos, why did they end your partner relationship? Much was speculated about the reasons for the breakup, however, now the actor spoke publicly about it in a reality show.

The Colombian singer Shakira has had several famous boyfriends, but perhaps the first recognized was the Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Ríoswith whom he had a short but mediatic courtship in 1997, which was criticized for the couple’s age difference, since at that time he was 37 years old and she was 20.

Shakira and Osvaldo Ríos, why did they end?

The Puerto Rican is participating in a reality show called the house of the famous, from Telemundo, and in one of the chapters he decided to touch on the subject of the romance he had with the Barranquillera. In the middle of a conversation with other participants, he revealed, among other things, the reason why they would have ended.

We broke up because I was already the consummate man in my career, and she was just getting started.. Obviously, she had a world to live in and when you love someone it is better to set them free, it is the best sign of love. She had to fly. It was the best thing that ever happened to her.

At that time with her I behaved very loyal and faithful, and I was not. Being with one and the other distracts you, it blurs your focus, nobody takes away what I danced, but either you calm down or life takes its toll on you as well.”

Osvaldo assured.

Finally, he surprised many of his co-stars by asserting that he and the interpreter of I fell in love they had marriage plans. These statements contradict the rumors that for years fed the idea that the courtship had ended because of Ríos’s infidelities.

“We had plans to get married and we had even seen a house. I was the first before the Argentine.”


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