Shakira and her mother-in-law get along very well

Shakira and her mother-in-law, Montserrat Bernabeuthey get along wonderfully, and the evidence is on social networks.

The singer shared on her Twitter account an advice that the lady gave her boyfriend, who is head of the institute’s brain damage area Guttmann in Barcelona: “Protecting the brain should be a priority in contact sports like football. The short and long term consequences can be fatal!”

– Montserrat Bernabeu (@mbernabeuIG) September 21, 2013

Bernabeu, for her part, confessed in an interview to a Colombian media outlet that “Shakira is a spectacular person, a simple woman with great values ​​who also turns out to be the second most important woman in the world of entertainment. I find her a fascinating person.”

Gerard Piqué then he has two women in his life who care about his well-being. In his soccer career, he has frequently suffered spectacular accidents on the field that have left him with severe bruises on the head.

The solidarity between Shakira Y Bernabeu It is evident beyond the internet, because the singer sat between mother and son during the presentation of the first novel by the soccer player’s father, Joan Pique, Two lives, in November 2011.

In addition, the two are frequently photographed together in the stands of the games of the FC Barcelona.

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Source: People in Spanish

And you, how do you get along with your mother-in-law?