Shaira has a boyfriend? The singer clarified that she did not and said why

Many viewers wonder if the singer Shayra has a boyfriend. She herself was in charge of responding to this topic and the reasons she gave made us think. Was she a hint?

Shaira Peález rose to fame for her participation in the reality show x-factor, back in 2011, when he was barely eight years old. The young woman won the contest in that season, so she shared the stage with artists such as Pipe Calderón and Jhonny Rivera. The girl grew up and today she is quite a lady who falls in love with her followers through her social networks.

Shaira has a boyfriend? No, and she clarified the reason

Although in 2018 rumors grew about an alleged courtship that he would have had with a young man with whom he was seen on Instagram holding hands, now Shaira clarified that she does not have a boyfriend, at least not at the time of publication of this note (April 2021). The woman from Santander activated the “ask me something” tool on her IG and when asked «When the boyfriend?»responded as follows:

“It is difficult to find someone who loves you beautifully; let love be mutual. If this is not the case, it is better not to be with someone for the sake of being.”

He wrote in the image that we share below…

The snapshot was deleted 24 hours after its publication, as it was an Instagram story. Some of his followers suspected that perhaps it was a hint. The question is… indirect for whom? And it is clear that Shaira became a beautiful woman, which was evidenced when we saw her in a bikiniso he has no shortage of suitors.

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