Semi-permanent nails: 4 cute trends

The semi permanent nails They are the option that many women look for since, in addition to looking beautiful, they are much easier to care for and their designs last longer than when using other techniques.

We never get tired of saying it: nails are a fundamental part of look, so you must always have them divine. There are various techniques that offer personalized and long-lasting designs, but semi-permanent ones are a great option because it doesn’t matter if you have short or long nails, they will always remain perfect.

You may have thought about using resin nails or you definitely decide on semi-permanent nails. So that you have no doubts, we show you the new trends in decoration (just so you feel like it):

What is a semi-permanent nail?

It is a technique similar to normal enameling, but its finishing and drying with ultraviolet light make the designs last longer, it prevents the nails from splitting and, incidentally, it can make a manicure last for months without having to retouch them.

Semi-permanent nail decoration

A good idea to show off perfect nails is a decoration in hearts. This very Agatha Ruíz de la Prada style can go very well for outfits relaxed, on occasions like lunch with your friends or a good party.

Short semi-permanent nails

Short nails look great with clean designs, geometric figures or some that mix several shades. Nothing better for a vacation than some watermelons on your fingers. They will look very funny and can accompany you in work meetings or social events.

Simple semi-permanent nails

«Less is more.» This phrase by the designer Carolina Herrera remains valid and is synonymous with good taste. You could try a clean design in a single tone, either ocher or skin, contrasting with a touch of Animal Print on one or two nails. East look wild is ideal to go to the office.

semi-permanent nail designs

Life is definitely better with colors! Deep gradient designs are in trend and this artistic proposal with polychromatic spots looks incredible. Do not be afraid to wear your nails with colors.

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