Self-esteem for children, how to improve confidence and security

If you want to know more about the self esteem for kidsin the following note you will learn how to guide your little one to be confident.

Self-esteem is a term widely used today and that is why people seek to be clear about this concept. It is an assessment that each human being makes about himself as a mixture of physical, emotional and sentimental factors that ultimately end up forming our personality. For that reason, the term has also begun to take on relevance in the lives of children so that they have a good development.

what is self esteem

Self-esteem begins to form in each one from approximately 5 to 6 years of life, that is why it is so important to pay attention to this topic. At that moment we begin to form an idea of ​​ourselves and how the people around us see us as friends or adults. It is when the types of self-esteem that are divided into high, medium and low come into play.

How does self-esteem form

If you want your children to begin to form a good self-esteem, it is important that you take these tips into account. First of all, you will have to take into account the way you speak to your children, both the tone and the words you use. Some phrases can be devastating for the little ones since they invalidate their emotions, but with your words you also have the power to empower children and make them feel much stronger and more capable.

The phrases that motivate them will play a fundamental role, because when a child is motivated he dares to pursue his dreams, to overcome the problems he encounters and to always continue learning with a smile. In addition, you will have to keep in mind that you should never compare your children among themselves and much less with other children, since each child has their own qualities and virtues.

Forget about overprotecting the little ones in the house and assign them responsibilities and tasks such as making the bed or picking up their toys. When children feel useful and feel the satisfaction of a job well done, they value themselves more. Of course, don’t forget that talking to children about how they feel is ideal for them to learn to build their emotions and have good self-esteem, while growing up in a loving and safe environment.

Stories for self-esteem in children

If you have already learned a little about how to influence children’s self-esteem from the dialogue and your way of acting. Let us tell you that there are also some stories that will be of great help so that the little ones understand everything related to this topic more easily, here we give you the options: ‘The lame foal’, ‘Star of the sea’, ‘The story de Nadia’ and ‘The pompous bear’.

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