Self-esteem and self-esteem: how to raise them after a tusa?

Ending a relationship and getting hot ends the relationship. self esteem and self love of any, but the important thing is to rebuild them. Check out these tips…

Few things lower self-esteem as much as a spite: one looks in the mirror and sees horrible; she smells it and feels that it gives off a rotten aroma; he talks and thinks he’s just talking nonsense…

However, none of this is real, it only happens in our minds due to the intense sadness we feel when we feel rejected by the person we love.

Tips to increase self-esteem and self-love

After a separation (be it marriage or courtship) it is urgent to work through emotions before they turn into depression; We share with you some advice from the Harvard University School of Medicine.

1. Pamper your body

Eat healthy, rest, exercise, go for a walk, massage yourself. Do whatever you can to improve how you feel physically, that will make you feel better emotionally.

2. Write a letter to yourself

Think about what is making you feel so much pain and write yourself a letter describing the situation, but without blaming anyone, neither yourself nor your ex. This exercise will help you not to give yourself so hard and see the events objectively.

3. Cheer up

Think about what you would say to a friend if she was in a similar situation to you. Now, she writes all of that down in a place in your room where you can see it every morning.

4. Give each other gifts

Do for yourself everything that you would like the person who loves you (or should love you) to do: give yourself flowers, buy yourself chocolates, send yourself to get well dressed, etc.

5. Practice mindfulness, basic to raise your self-esteem and self-love

Focusing on the present without thinking about the future, much less the past, can be very beneficial for your self-esteem, as it helps you see what you really are, and not how your emotions make you feel.

mindfulness definition

Also known as mindfulnessis a concept forged by psychologists that refers to paying attention to what you are, feel and think in the present, without judging, but also without condescension.

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