Seduce your guy according to his zodiac sign

Sometimes we don’t know how to seduce a man because we’re afraid to jump in or maybe we don’t know what he’s going to think. Here are some tips for you to seduce your boy depending on the sign he is:

1- Aries Man

1. The Aries man is bold, dynamic and highly impulsive.

2. To accompany him in everything, you need a lot of energy. It is always on the move.

3. Let him “feel” that he is in control of the relationship, don’t even think of taking the initiative or suggesting where to go.

4. Listen carefully when he talks about his achievements, be interested in his projects and applaud him. You need the admiration and trust of your partner.

5. He is competitive, you have to let him win in all orders. Never argue with a ram, you will always lose.

6. Don’t give up right away. The conquest must be like a difficult battle.

7. He likes intelligent, independent and feminine women.

8. The Aries appreciates your sincerity. To seduce him, do not hide anything from your life or your past. The most convenient thing is to be direct and without turns.

9. Do not give them advice, they do not accept it. On the contrary, it creates barriers.

10. The ram understands that in sexuality he has an inexhaustible field for his desire to win.

2- Taurus Man

1. The Taurus man is good-natured, calm and loyal.

2. Always attentive to the needs of your partner. Demonstrates her love passionately.

3. To seduce him, establish a stable relationship from the beginning.

4. With the bull you have to practice the art of patience because he needs time to make a decision.

5. He likes a self-confident, docile, tender and genuine woman.

6. He is jealous and possessive, do not provoke him and do not hurt him with harsh words because he is spiteful.

7. Thrifty. Therefore, you must know how to manage your money and show your love for the house, the family and the children.

8. The Taurus appreciates the woman who works in the kitchen and captivates him with surprising meals.

9. To seduce him, give him exclusive or quality gifts, give him sweetness and pay attention to small details.

10. The bull pleases you in everything, he is not selfish, in return you have to repay him with much affection and love.

3- Gemini Man

1. The Gemini man is funny, restless and talkative.

2. You don’t like routine and get bored easily, so the more varied the outings, the better.

3. Spark their curiosity with new interests and conversations on a variety of topics. The twins read a lot about different topics and like to keep up with all the news.

4. It works to learn activities together, such as dancing or languages.

5. By your side he has to find an outlet for his tension and nervousness.

6. Look for a partner to follow you. To seduce a Gemini you must keep up with him and do all kinds of activities.

7. It is difficult for him to decide most of the time, you have to decide for him. His ideas are good but then he starts to change and he just gets tangled up.

8. He likes freedom, do not try to control his movements because he does not like that they manage his life.

9. Changes his personality easily: he can be in a bad mood and then laugh out loud and you don’t know why.

10. Together with the Gemini man you must be ready for the unpredictable.

4- Cancer Man

1. The Cancer man is conservative, he loves the security and warmth of home.

2. He likes a homely woman who loves children, is dedicated to her family and knows how to do housework.

3. He has a very firm idea of ​​building his own home and is looking for a partner to help him fulfill it. He is very romantic and extremely affectionate.

4. Introverted and shy, he only advances when he is sure not to be rejected, for that reason you must give him signs of interest.

5. Look for tenderness, stability and understanding. The roughness and the risk make the crab hide under its hard shell.

6. To seduce him, support him in his dreams. Give him love, sweetness and softness.

7. He is extremely sensitive (although he does not show it) and it is not good for you to criticize him: any gesture or word can hurt him.

8. Love cooking. With the crab the saying is fulfilled: «men are conquered by the stomach». Surprise him with exquisite meals and desserts.

9. Understand his love for his mother and avoid criticism of his family.

10. Cancerians seek their maternalistic and protective meaning in women.

5- Leo Man

1. The Leo man is generous, enthusiastic and loves refinement.

2. To seduce him, use subtle perfumes, avoid vulgar clothes and radiate sensuality, joy and intelligence.

3. He loves to feel proud and that everyone admires the woman who accompanies him.

4. The Lion is vain and self-centered. He looks for the woman’s astonishment and her unconditional surrender at the first glance.

5. The more you praise, flatter and adore him, the more interested he will be.

6. “Make him think” that he is the center of attention and show him that you are proud of him.

7. To seduce a lion, give him all your devotion and affection. Support him with the decisions he makes and do not question his plans.

8. You are interested not only in neatness but also in internal and external beauty.

9. His sentimental explosions are violent, it is recommended that you do not lose control before his nervous attacks, they pass quickly.

10. Do not ask tenderness, but passion.

6- Virgo Man

1. The Virgo man is introverted, shy and finds it difficult to express his feelings.

2. Do not expect quick decisions because you think about things a lot before doing them.

3. He does not like social life too much, he loves to enjoy intimate moments.

4. Lover of perfectionism, demands a lot as well as often criticizes, which obviously leads to arguments.

5. To seduce a Virginian you must provide him with security and encourage him to achieve his goals.

6. A fundamental element: trust him with your problems, apart from good advice you will earn his trust.

7. Always willing to collaborate and give a lot to the woman he loves, he is very loyal and helpful.

8. Do not expect passion but affection.

9. The Virginian likes a classic and serious, responsible and sensitive woman.

10. To seduce him, your appearance must be neat, with a pleasant aroma and good manners.

7- Libra Man

1. The Libra man is super emotional, likeable and idealistic.

2. To seduce him, pay attention to details, wear distinguished, elegant and subtle clothing. You must be soft, delicate and very flirtatious.

3. Invite him to parties of someone in your family or a co-worker, he loves social relationships.

4. Don’t overwhelm him with plans he has to choose from. The Libra man has a hard time making up his mind.

5. She is very kind, she tends to help the underdog, so you should be considerate of everyone around you.

6. He doesn’t like and hates aggressive, rude or loud-talking women. Your company should make life more pleasant and not the other way around. Help him keep the balance balanced.

7. To seduce him, do not be unfair because his sense of justice and equality is very strong.

8. He has many friends, it is almost always difficult to know where he is.

9. He doesn’t like jealousy scenes, dramas and arguments. First of all he wants to live in peace. One piece of advice: avoid fights.

10. The Libran is an expert in the art of seduction. He surrounds the woman with attention, delicacies and subtle details, that’s why he falls in love with her so easily.

8- Scorpio Man

1. The Scorpio man is masculine, temperamental and with great magnetism.

2. He likes women who are sexy and provocative, seductive and sweet at the same time.

3. Pay attention to details, try to always be neat and sensual on the surface.

4. There is nothing that is more valuable to the scorpion than telling him the truth up front.

5. To seduce him you must earn his respect and generate great confidence, that he has no doubts.

6. He is extremely jealous, he cannot bear to see any man near you. The scenes are common, even by your closest friends.

7. He combines his fits of jealousy with uncontrolled passion. The physical desire of the scorpion is insatiable.

8. He likes the mystery and the challenge to conquer a woman.

9. He doesn’t like that you ask about his past and much less about his previous commitments, he prefers to keep them secret.

10. He is spiteful and vindictive, he does not forgive easily. Never hurt or betray him.

9- Sagittarius Man

1. The Sagittarius man is generous, outgoing and likeable.

2. Acting like a friend is the first step to seducing him. Accompany him to his sports practices, on his walks outdoors and listen carefully when he talks about his conquests.

3. Forget about calling him or sending him little messages all the time because he will run away. Respect their spaces and their times.

4. His nature is dual: he needs fun, on the one hand, and deep relationships, on the other.

5. He likes a cheerful, sincere and spontaneous woman who is joking, amusing and who loves to smile.

6. To seduce him, invite him to participate in parties because he loves to have fun.

7. He does not like possessive women who criticize everything. She is kind, patient, and she seeks advice from him, rather than give it to him.

8. Look for a woman who accompanies him in his adventures and passions, who is selfless, intelligent and risky.

9. The Sagittarius man starts from the bottom and works his way up until he achieves success in work and finances. For this reason he does not like the woman who settles and does not fight to improve her life.

10. The archer first notices the woman’s smile.

10- Capricorn Man

1. The Capricorn man is prudent, reserved and cautious.

2. To seduce him you must be practical, have your feet on the ground and a deep respect for money.

3. Conquer his trust because he is very distrustful.

4. It takes a long time to find the «ideal woman». Analyze, dissect and record each action with patience, advance little by little.

5. He doesn’t beat around the bush, when he’s interested you’ll know. But remember that before you must go through certain tests, you do not like to take risks.

6. He is one of the men most in need of affection. Solid and tough, serious and quiet, he may seem cold as ice but inside he is very tender and has true feelings that he finds it difficult to express.

7. He likes the companion woman, serene and reserved, ambitious and with a sense of humor.

8. It is very demanding in all orders, you must be prepared.

9. To seduce him you must be up to date to exchange opinions on politics, history and sports; they fascinate him.

10. You must be organized, support their ambitions and endeavors. The Capricorn man has ease -thanks to his ingenuity and ability- to achieve all the goals that he sets for himself.

11- Aquarius Man

1. The Aquarius man is humanitarian, altruistic, loyal and spontaneous.

2. Independent, you need freedom because you don’t like to be tied to anything or anyone. Very curious, he is attracted to the new and the mysterious.

3. To seduce him, surprise him by talking about esoteric and varied topics, inviting him to meditation meetings or giving him a science book.

4. It is important that you start the relationship by being her best friend and partner. Aquarius is the sign of friendship.

5. The Aquarian likes unconventional, unpredictable and original, sociable and sexy women. More than physical appearance, he cares about intelligence, charisma and…