Sebastián Yatra said that he would never give a ring as expensive as the one that Nodal gave to Belinda

Sebastian Yatra He was surprised by the ring that Christian Nodal gave Belinda and assured that he would never give such an expensive gift.

The controversy of everything that happened with Christian Nodal and Belinda is still giving something to talk about and precisely Sebastián Yatra also gave his point of view on the subject. The Colombian singer assured that he could not believe the value of the couple’s engagement ring and assured that he likes more to give books.

Sebastián Yatra was surprised by the value of the ring that Nodal gave Belinda

The end of Nodal and Belinda’s relationship continues to give something to talk about, precisely a debate was opened on social networks about who should keep the expensive ring and Yatra gave his opinion on the subject. The artist assured in the first place that he would never give such an expensive gift “I give away books and things with meaning. I have never given such an expensive gift. I think it’s something I learned from my dad as a child when he told me the love story with my mom ”.

In addition, he assured that it could be that because of his position they tell him that he is stingy but “I believe that love is something that the more meaning you can give it by moving it away from material things, the more beautiful it will be”. The truth is that for now, it is not known who will keep the ring that has an approximate value of 3 million dollars, more or less 11,700 million Colombian pesos.

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