Sebastián Vega and Valentina Ochoa confirm that they have Coronavirus

Sebastián Vega and Valentina Ochoa confessed that they contracted the Coronavirus after almost a year and a half of extreme care at home. The couple is in good health.

Colombia is still in the midst of a harsh third wave of infections. In recent days, the country has tripled the number of infected in its main cities and this is how many celebrities, such as Linda Palma who revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19, have finally been affected by this virus.

Now, it was the turn of the famous “baby” from the series clean hand and his wife, who confirmed through their social networks that they were a bit lost because they contracted the Coronavirus. They are confined at home doing a strict quarantine.

Sebastián Vega and Valentina Ochoa confirm that they have Coronavirus

The revelation came through the social networks of both, as they were in charge of telling their millions of followers that they contracted the Coronavirus just a week before going to the United States to get vaccinated.

Both the actor from Santander and his wife, a fashion specialist, shared messages on their personal profiles to give their followers some peace of mind. In these, they reported that the 3 (with their son Luca), are well and facing the disease together. In the publications, they show that the recovery is progressing as expected and that the symptoms have been mild.

It should be noted that Sebastián was in the news a few days ago because Vibiana Tejeiro, mother of Lina Tejeiro, revealed that the young actress had a courtship with him several years ago. In addition, she said that Vega was not very loved by his family and, in fact, described him as the ex-boyfriend that he disliked the worst of his daughter.

In the same way, Lina Tejeiro’s mother revealed that she was toxic and problematic, to which the artist replied that the relationship began when she was about 16 years old and that she had many problems because Sebastián did not like her mother and therefore she had to resort to telling lies to see him on the sly.

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