Save time preparing Christmas dinner: The ‘quick and easy’ trick for peeling potatoes

Peeling potatoes is the first step in creating the perfect roasted potatoes, and no Sunday or Christmas dinner is complete without them.

Home expert Tanya, who runs the Tanya Home Inspo, has a wealth of home experience and smart cleaning and cooking tips.

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He has almost 357k followers on TikTok, where he shares his tricks.

One of those tips will take a huge amount of time out of your baked potato prep.

Tanya advised how to peel potatoes without actually peeling them.

Tanya said in her video: «I don’t know about you, but peeling potatoes is my least favorite thing to do, especially at Christmas when there’s so much to do before the guests arrive.

«It’s quick and easy, no mess, and you don’t have to worry about the skin getting all over the place.»

So how do you do it? Tanya said: «First, cut a thin line around the middle of the potatoes, then boil normally with the skin on.

«Once boiled, cool them with cold water.

«Now you can just peel off the skin and mash or roast the potatoes to your liking, without the skin flying all over your counters and floors.»


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