Saruma’s mother demanded from Andrea Valdiri her daughter’s DNA test

Through a video on networks, Felipe Saruma’s mother demanded Andrea Valdiri a DNA test of her daughter. OMG!

In recent days, the popular influencer and businesswoman from Barranquilla Andres Valdiri has been on the lips of hundreds of Internet users after her ex-partner, singer Lowe León, broke her silence and launched strong accusations against her through her official Instagram account. .

Well, surprisingly, the singer wrote strong words in which he questioned the paternity of the second daughter of ‘La Mahi’, suggesting that before their relationship ended, the Barranquilla woman was already having an affair with fellow content creator Felipe Saruma, so supposedly Adhara would be the daughter of the Santanderean.

Given this, Valdiri did not remain silent and immediately responded indirectly to leave the past behind and focus his attention on what is essential, his new wife and the arrival of his son with her. Also later during a trip they made together, Andrea boasted of the great support she has received from Saruma and the love she has for her.

Felipe Saruma’s mother demanded from Andrea Valdiri a DNA test of her daughter Adhara to see if she is her granddaughter

Such has been the stir that this topic has caused that even shortly after this controversy was made public, Saruma’s mother appeared on her social networks nothing more and nothing less than to demand that the influencer perform a DNA test.

“Regarding what is being said about my son Felipe, I also want to talk to Andrea, and I demand of you, Andrea, it is very important that you do a DNA test…”

At first, some believed that the woman was going to lash out at Valdiri because of her tact and the words she used, but later she showed her true intention.

«Because if that beautiful fat woman becomes my granddaughter I would be the happiest grandmother in the world, a kiss»

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