Sara Uribe’s hot vacation in Las Vegas

Sarah Uribe He took a well-deserved vacation in Las Vegas and ended up starring in a steamy show.

For several days Sara Uribe has been criticized for her weight, although she has said on several occasions that she feels comfortable. However, this time the presenter drew attention to her vacation in Las Vegas.

Sara Uribe shared with her followers vacation videos in Las Vegas

Through the stories of her official Instagram account, Sara shared with her followers that she had been sharing a few days in Las Vegas with her friends. In addition, she claimed that she had bet money in one of the most famous casinos in the city.

However, what caught the attention was that he published a video where he was seen dancing on stage with three stripers and one of the men was completely naked, provoking the paisa. She herself was quite daring as she showed that she had bought some toys and lingerie “Friends, I am as I always dreamed of being in Las Vegas: we got married, they put me on stage and I met the love of my life. People, if I showed you what I lived! I danced for three men!”.

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