Sara Uribe said that she does not show her navel with a message of love

Through a video Sara Uribe said that she does not show her navel with a message of love to those who feel self-conscious about their body. She earned several applause!

The beautiful model, businesswoman and former protagonist of novels, who in recent days stole the show by dancing to the rhythm of the guaracha, has once again been a topic of conversation on social networks but this time because of a surprising confession she recently made and for which many had been questioning her. What is it about?

During the past weekend, paisa opened the question box on her Instagram account to carry out a small dynamic and interact with her more than 6 million followers. There she resolved several doubts regarding her tastes, her work and her personal life, but there was one question in particular that caught the attention of more than one… And it was related to her figure!

Well, a user decided to question the paisa about the reasons that had led her to hide her navel in most of the publications she has made in recent years, since previously it was a part that she presumed quite frequently in sensual images and videos.

Sara Uribe said that she does not show her navel with a message of love

Although this was apparently a repetitive question that in the past she had refused to answer, this time, with all the security that characterizes her, the presenter decided not only to confess what was really happening but to show her body as it is.

Well, in the story she mentioned several reasons why she did not do it, among them because «she only showed what she wanted» and «you put on what made you feel good», however, this was not the only thing that motivated her, because Right there she stated that after giving birth she had had a hernia and she did not like how her abdomen looked now.

Before his revelation, it seems that several followers asked him to show what his body looked like in order to motivate themselves to love themselves as they are… And so he did! Well, in several videos and with all the attitude, the businesswoman showed how her abdomen looked and explained the reasons why it looked like that, because in addition to the hernia she underwent two surgeries related to her health, which left her some scars.

In the same way, he invited his fans not to feel sorry for their scars and not to be ashamed of what they look like.

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