Sara Corrales reveals that they call her «machorra» for riding a motorcycle

Sara Corrales reveals that they call her «machorra» for having big muscles and riding a motorcycle. She gives a tremendous speech about the feminine.

Sara Corrales began her career in the world of entertainment after occupying the second place in reality Novel protagonists from 2003, which was broadcast on Canal RCN. Then her life was split in two when she had an affair with the actor Robinson Díaz, married then and now with the actress Adriana Arango.

The couple almost ended their relationship because of this extramarital affair, but she is one of those celebrities who decided to forgive an infidelity and continue with the relationship. After these events, Sara emigrated to Mexico, where he became fond of fitness. He currently works out live with his followers through social networks and has a hotel and a restaurant in Medellín.

Sara Corrales reveals that they call her «machorra»

The body of this paisa has changed a lot since the times of Everybody wants with Marilyn. Although she is still voluptuous, she is now a woman with a firm, toned and muscular body; a whole mommy In addition, she has also taken a liking to riding a motorcycle. And from what can be deduced from her words, they have treated her badly for being the way she is.

“I don’t like it when people have such closed stereotypes in their heads! That a woman can only do certain things because she is a woman, she must dress delicately, in pink, do soft sports, she cannot like motorcycles, do weights in the gym because then she is macho!

Let’s see, and what happens if we open our minds a little and realize that women can basically be whatever we want to be, whether it seems «feminine» or «masculine» I, for example, love motorcycles and feel more like a woman than ever ”

Sara wrote on her Instagram account along with the following image…

Her followers agreed with her words and supported her by leaving messages in the comments, like these…

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