Sara Corrales responded to Isabella Santodomingo’s criticism

In a chapter of MasterChef, Isabella Santodomingo criticized Sara Corrales, but she did not remain impressed and responded.

Weekend episodes Master Chef Celebrity They gave a lot to talk about. first by the departure of Kika Nieto that took many people by surprise. Claudia Bahamón said it was because personal motives. However, a Twitter user wrote that the influencer had left because the channel changed her conditions with a permit that she had requested to go to Peru. Kika did not explain the reasons for her departure, but she published a photo saying goodbye to the program. In his description he only wrote that it was time to bring closure to that chapter of his life.

During Sunday’s episode friction began between the participants. After the field challenge, the blue team won for the first time. The next day the blue team entered celebrating their victory, but some members who were in the red team did not take it so gracefully. But the differences did not stop there. Isabella Santodomingo was watching the test from the balcony and told Mariana that Sara was always with the notebook and that she did not have her own recipes. Later Sebastián Carvajal commented that this it seemed disloyal.

When the test was over, Isabella Santodomingo said: “she’s disagreeable“, but it is not known if it refers to Sara Corrales.

Sara’s response to what her classmates told her

Sara Corrales decided to respond to the criticism of Isabella Santodomingo and Sebastián Carvajal. In her stories she published the video in which they are talking about her, about which she wrote: “To foolish words… Deaf ears» Y «a heart full of love to give. Even for those who criticize me.

The situation divided opinions, but the majority supported Sara. These were some of the comments: «I don’t understand because Isabella puts herself in that plan with SaraI should take an example of studying and being prepared for every challenge.”, “How envious Isabella studied and be disciplined like Sara”, “What a nuisance that Isabella so cisañera and corrinchera“,” “This got good! isabella on fire! and “start to take out the claws some out there”

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