Sara Corrales explained her last surgery and why she had to have it

Sara Corrales explained her last surgery and he told his fans on Instagram how his time at the doctor was to solve a problem in one of his hands.

The beautiful actress is always very active on social networks to tell her followers how her days go by in recordings or in her private life. Just to show that the paisa has her fans at all times, were the photos in which she showed how well she looks doing pole dance.

Now, the former participant of Protagonistas de Novela uploaded a story to Instagram in which she decided to tell her fans the reason why she underwent surgery in the last few hours.

Sara Corrales explained everything about her last surgery

Although many thought that Sara had undergone cosmetic surgery, it was the same actress and businesswoman who told the details of the procedure that had to be done on one of her hands. Through a video of her, she revealed that she had suffered from an injury to one of her fingers since she was little and that it is often called the latched finger.

Likewise, the artist revealed a detail that very few knew and that is that she began to lift weights since she was 13 years old and that this could accelerate the problem that afflicted her in her hands.

Now it is clear why Sara is so fond of sports and the reason why she spends a lot of time in her life doing arduous exercise routines that not only help her to have a heart-stopping body, but is also part of the customs that he has had all his life.

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