Santana and Diego Torres sing to Reciprocated Love Video

The video was directed by Simón Brand and was recorded in Las Vegas, during the month of September.

The new song belongs to Carlos Santana and is included in his album Heart. Is named requited love and it is an adaptation to Spanish of the theme Feel it coming back which he performs on the album alongside Diego Torres.

Filming the video for «Reciprocated Love» with @SantanaCarlos on a terrace of the historic @atomicbar from Las Vegas!

– Diego Torres (@diegotorres) September 24, 2014

On a break from filming the video with @SantanaCarlos We had a great time and you learn a lot from him as a person

– Diego Torres (@diegotorres) September 23, 2014

The recording was made in some emblematic places of Las Vegas, United StatesWhat The Atomic Bar.

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