Sandra Bullock and other fifty-somethings who are better than one

The election of Sandra Bullock as the most beautiful woman of 2015 by People magazine, put the spotlight on the beautiful fifties.

By conventional beauty standards, fifty was an age that was already synonymous with old age, but that is changing. More and more women around that age are not only as they want, but even better than one!

However, many were surprised by the choice made by People magazine of Sandra Bullock as the most beautiful woman of 2015because it is not very common for this title to fall on a woman in her fifties.

A few years ago they said that 40 was the new 30… Judging by these fifty, 50 is the new 35! We leave you with some spectacular photos of celebrities who are better than you and are 50 years old or will be in 2015.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Brooke Shields
Shania Twain (singer)
Diana Lane
Teri Hatcher
elizabeth hurley
Linda Evangelista (model)
Margaret Rose of Francis

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