Salomé danced zamba and showed that her thing is dance

Salome danced zamba in her dance school and is already emerging as a professional dancer. The daughter of James Rodríguez and Daniela Ospina increasingly surprises Internet users with her talent for dancing.

The daughter of James and Daniela, Salomé Rodríguez Ospina, is already a celebrity on social networks, despite his young age. And it is that the little girl has a lot of charisma and loves to show her dance skills on social networks.

Salomé danced samba and shocked more than one with her steps

For some time now, the girl has been taking dance classes, and her progress has been exponential. This time the rhythm she chose was a very complicated one, the zamba, a genre that is difficult even for adultsbut with talent and a lot of hard work she managed to master.

It is not the first time that Salomé shows off her dancing skills; Let’s remember the time her mother had to come out of it in defense of the infant when she was criticized for performing a supposedly too daring choreography for her age, the song pickyby Joey Montana.

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