Salmon recipes, easy and very rich!

These salmon recipes they are simply delicious, the best thing is that you can make them at home in a few minutes and enjoy them with your family.

Salmon is one of those ingredients that goes well in almost any dish, its exquisite flavor makes it the favorite fish of several people. That’s why we put together some fairly quick and easy recipes to make at home that will leave you speechless.

Salmon recipes: Lemon and butter

This lemon butter salmon recipe is ideal to enjoy with the family, its flavors are unique and it will be golden brown.

It also vibrates with…

creamy salmon

This recipe has a combination of exquisite flavors that your palate will surely love, so follow the step by step and discover this delight.

Salmon Orange

We recommend this mixture without a doubt, the soft texture of the salmon together with the delicious flavor of the orange will make you enjoy this meal with each bite.

Salmon recipes: Tuscano at the best Italian style

A creamy and delicious recipe in the best Italian style, we are sure that you will never forget this way of eating salmon.

teriyaki salmon

This is a different way of preparing salmon, with all the oriental aroma and flavor that makes this recipe an extremely attractive delicacy.

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