Salamanca, the useful idiot of the press

In a country like ours, where we have thousands of examples of the inefficiency of justice, of the spectacular circus that laws have become, in this country where they are applied to the dumbest, those who have no influence or money.

The media they have been in charge of hiding such important truths for our society as corruption scandals, rigged reforms, laws with orangutans, embarrassing shows including their recording; Every time episodes of the foolish homeland occur, cases like the one in Salamanca are revived for public ridicule to entertain and disorient other realities.

This topic hurts many sensitivities, I repeat, I do not know Salamanca I’m not even defending it, because he messed it up. I do not share the contemptuous way we treat this case because how many cases do we see on television and even in our family lives where we only see the number of errors and ineptitudes in our society. If we do not see the rapists, extortionists, kidnappers or worse, the robbery to the foot that has no brake by any authority. And these are worse because they mess it up and they continue to mess it up and absolutely no one classifies it or punishes it, neither socially nor legally, because the good guys are afraid of the bad guys.

I put myself in the case of families who were victims of this unfortunate event, but from experience I know that conviction will not change anything that happened and no conviction will be enough to alleviate the pain of our lives. Forgiveness and reconciliation can help us cope with this sad circumstance in our lives. What is better? A person who can contribute positive actions or a hindrance in our deficient judicial system, where money and influences can make the sentence bearable.

How is it possible that the media lend themselves to the spectacle of Holy Inquisition against the integrity of a young person. I do not know Salamanca personally, the information I have about him corresponds largely to what has been reported by our biased and dynamic network of media, but I do know that many of the so-called fathers of the country are true criminals and that he is a useful idiot for the media, like others.

Or are we going to deny that there are cases as scandalous, corrupt and shameful as that of Colmenares where justice really is in this country, that money buys any soul and dignity. Or the other pearl of the case of the pilot of Avianca that apart from the fact that he kills an entire family, he does not help him, he does not have the balls to take responsibility for his actions as if he were a child after an innocent prank, he flees and for the judge he is not a danger to society.

These pearls, without counting the number of processes for shameless theft of our coffers by how many contractors associated with some politician or public official, where they put such ridiculous sentences 3 years after having stolen this life and the other, not counting the men and women who harass, attack and kill those they consider their eternal love. But the one who defends himself from a thief, a stalker and even a drunk is branded as a lunatic, intolerant who took justice into his own hands.

How far have we come to consider that we should tear our clothes, condemn publicly, socially, a young man who made the mistake that many of us have made or at least were accomplices of a family member or close friend. Or how many of us can say that we have never driven with our drinks on our heads or covered our backs for our parents, boyfriends, friends and even this inconvenience has been solved in a hundred thousand ways with a traffic agent; or worse, how many of us have driven a car late at night and have fallen asleep for seconds at the wheel, which is just as serious as being drunk.

There is yes, as the bible saysLet the innocent cast the first stone. Maybe now we don’t do it like we did before because of the harsher sentences, but let’s analyze, that made us irresponsible but not criminals.

I also put myself in the place of the victims, it is a difficult time, the pain and anger for impotence blinds us, but could it be that a boy who messed it up deserves to put himself at the mercy of the crime that reigns in our decadent prison system? It is better that he becomes a criminal in prison because this environment is that of the strongest and to become a man of steel he must lose his values ​​and feelings so as not to allow anyone to harm him, or worse, contribute to this system cacique large sums of money so that evil continues to prevail in a decadent society like ours.

They do not believe that the worst punishment for people like him is to subject them to long hours of social work, for example, in geriatric institutions, children with diseases such as AIDS, to build streets. I think that several months of strenuous days would bring him more for repentance and the real lesson of how much human life is worth and that it is necessary to think and analyze the consequences of our actions.

The fact that one has a car or a motor vehicle of certain brands does not give us the right to run over anyone, but we were all young at some point and, like Salamanca, we unconsciously made mistakes, some not so serious, others more serious. We are not the Holy Inquisition, it is necessary to analyze the entire scene and before condemning we must look at what can be done so that it does not repeat itself. Convicting the thieves does not ensure that he will not steal again, convicting the hit man does not indicate that he will not kill for money again. But giving life lessons with opportunity can turn the culprit into a member who can contribute positively to this society.