Rules for a long distance relationship

These are the rules for a long distance relationship that you should follow, if you want it to last and not end up being just an illusion.

Relationships are already difficult enough to add the difficulty of distance, however, it is something that happens and more often than you think.

That is why we began to investigate with experts in couples therapy to find out if it was possible to maintain a love relationship from afar and, if so, how to do it well?

5 rules for a long distance relationship

It worked for me…

1. Be intense

I know, you will say that he will get tired and send you to the Fifth Club, but no, believe us, they also like to feel that they are desired and that they are cared for. Surely an intense has taken more than one boyfriend away from you without you knowing.

2. Stay private

And we are not only referring to the sexual part (which is part of intimacy and is very important), but to that connection that you have with your loved one, that complicity, knowing that you are understood by another human being.

3. Don’t be jealous

Let’s see, be realistic, human beings need human warmth and I can probably make the odd friendship, think about it, don’t you? So don’t get into the jealousy plan, that will bore him.

4. Meet with him

Use technology to see him virtually at least once a day, yes ma’am, just as you read it; even if it’s 5 minutes of videoconference, you have to turn that into an almost religious ritual.

5. Visit him, the most important of the rules for a long-distance relationship

It doesn’t matter what you have to do to achieve it, but make sure you see each other in person at least once every three months, that’s the minimum time you need to stay in his head.

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