Roses for delicate, feminine and elegant tattoos

If you are thinking of some designs of roses for tattooslet us tell you that it is a great idea related to love, beauty and war.

Possibly the rose is one of the most recognized flowers in the world, that is why when it comes to capturing it in a tattoo it takes on great meaning. Although it is a flower in which its origin places a long time ago, it was over the years that it began to be related to femininity.

Rose tattoos for women

Today, the rose is a popular symbol for both women and men. It can be interpreted in different ways depending on its size, color and shape. That is why here we bring you some fabulous design ideas that you will surely love to wear on your skin.

Shared face with a rose

This is a very delicate tattoo that represents femininity, it is the face of a woman who covers one of her eyes with a rose. It is beautiful and very sensual.

A rose with many colors

A design that draws a lot of attention is the roses that are full of colors, no matter the size or shape, they look spectacular! And the best thing is that this tattoo can be used anywhere on the body.

something a little bigger

If you are one of the girls who likes tattoos that occupy a large part of the body, you can opt for some large roses to do on the side, on the back, on an arm or on a leg.

Rose tattoos for men

However, this is a tattoo that is not only for women. On men it looks great and styles that can be put on the skin look great.

rose in black ink

You can opt for a rose in black ink to make it look more striking for other people to see.

How about some petals?

If you want something more developed or a design that involves other objects, this may be a good idea. Here not only the rose as such plays an important role, but also a clock that is surrounded by several petals.

Roses + your favorite animal

This design is one of the favorites for men, if you want you can choose your favorite animal surrounded by some roses, it is something impressive and depending on the animal you choose it will have a great meaning.

If you have already decided which rose you are going to choose for your tattoo, keep these tips in mind… Tattoo care, so that nothing goes wrong! Here one click on Vibra.