Romantic proposal with which Mike Bahía asked for Greeicy’s hand

Very emotional and full of feeling! This was the romantic proposal with which Mike Bahía asked for Greeicy’s hand during a concert.

Last Saturday, October 16 at night, the renowned urban music singer Mike Bahía surprised thousands of fans and his own partner, Greeicy Rendón, by taking advantage of one of the presentations that the woman from Cali was doing with Alejandro Sanz in the city of Miami, to make her nothing more and nothing less than a romantic marriage proposal after almost 10 years of being together. OMG!

There, with the help of the famous Spanish singer and with an elaborate plan in which he hid his identity, the man from Cali opened his heart to his «cevivo» (as they say affectionately) to ask him in front of hundreds of spectators to become his companion for the rest of his life. How gorgeous! But how did everything go?

This was the romantic proposal with which Mike Bahía asked for Greeicy’s hand

On Saturday night Alejandro Sanz was fulfilling one of the dates of his tour of the United States, where he took the opportunity to take the Caleña on stage to perform his new song «Far with me» with her. At that moment, Mike took the opportunity to enter the backstage, hiding from his partner, hiding under an elaborate costume with which he definitely seemed like another person.

Once the interpretation of Spanish and Caleña was over, Sanz (accomplice in Mike’s plans) asked the interpreter of Los Besos to be there for a few minutes watching the screen, because there was something very important that he had to see.

“A friend has asked me to lend him this stage for a few minutes to make this one of the most special moments of your life. He waits here and looks at the screen.”

At that moment, a tender video of some of the couple’s best moments was played on the screen, in which Mike’s voice is heard in the background, saying: «I’m very sad and very nervous, and I know I’ve told you sung many times, but I’m going to tell you more clearly, I never want you to leave my life and this time I’m serious.»

Here the video:

Once the recording is over, a supposed guitarist who was on stage with her asks her to turn around to show him something special. That was Mike who in his hands was holding a small sign on which he had written ‘Will you marry me?’ accompanied by several photos of the two and of course, a beautiful ring with which she would receive the yes.

Turning around, Greeicy met her ‘cevivo’ and upon reading his message burst into emotion. Visibly moved, she hugged the singer who finally put the ring on her, accepting her proposal, amid applause and shouts from her fans.

The curious engagement ring with which Mike proposed to Greeicy

One of the details that caught the attention, in addition to the surprise and the Caleño’s costume, was the ring he used to ask him to join for life. This one carried two red and blue stones that left more than one speechless and with many questions.

Moments before going on stage and carrying out his plans, the singer made a small live broadcast where he not only reported what he was going to do later, but also showed the poster and the ring.

In this regard, in the middle of an interview with Telemundo, the singer explained the reason for her ring, since she stated that the blue represented the water (which was Mike) and the red the fire, (that is, Greeicy).

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