Romantic details that men hate

Many men use romance to conquer, but they hate the romantic details that we have with them to show them our love.

They are capable of dedicating songs, writing letters and even drawing, but they feel uncomfortable when we are the ones who surprise them with these details, surely you have noticed!

And it’s not that they like anything, but they don’t find it funny and the simple fact that we give them a chocolate bar may even seem cheesy.

We set ourselves the task of understanding, explaining and listing the romantic details that they hate

ask for a hug

Men get bothered by nonsense, but the truth is if your boy wants to hug you he will do it and that’s it, but if you don’t want to see him serious with you, don’t ask him for a hug and less with the excuse that «it’s cold», the first thing that goes to do is lend you a coat.

Continuous kisses on her hands and cheeks

Some gentlemen do not like to be idolized, because they are not used to it and they are interested in that position, they are more concerned with making us feel like queens.

Remember that these details have a time and a place, and they analyze it very well.


We are not so that they do not like it, however, in the previous point we talked about that the romantic details have a time and a place, so do not abuse with the sweetheart, little heart and all the words ending in quote.

Additional DO NOT USE IT with their name like Davicito, Pedrito, Alvarito, they definitely do not want to feel that you are their mom.

share what they eat

When he invites you to dinner, it is for you to enjoy it, the last thing he expects is that you make him feel limited by asking for a dish just to share, and if you insist the two of you will be left hungry, of course the exception is dessert.

Cheesy stuff in ear all the time

We had already touched on what is corny for men, and being around him all the time reminding him how much you love him can be awkward even if you are at a family gathering.

Photos and more photos

We cannot deny that in today’s world it is necessary to be on social networks and even more so if we have a partner with whom we share our time.

The videos and photos are fun, but doing it all the time is not recommended, besides, it’s not a problem for you to do it, but demanding that he do it already has consequences.

unnecessary questions

If all the time you ask her questions like do you love me?, or other questions, you will seem like an insecure girl, of course, we all want to hear her answer, but they will seem very uncomfortable to the point of doubting her answer.

look uniformed

If it happens by chance it will be very funny and they may even enjoy it, but do not prepare things, he could feel ridiculous, especially if he feels that you are combining his clothes with yours.

details in excess

Showing your affection is very important, but you should do it from time to time, a letter, a chocolate or a surprise are fine, as it says Max Milford “Without excesses enjoy the authentic”suddenly you can quickly end the magic and the expectation that he may have of the relationship.

Couples do not necessarily share romanticism in the same way, that is why doing it wisely is what we recommend, do not exaggerate with the details, remember that for every action there is a reaction.

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